Household Level Demand Analysis of Ornamental Plants in the United States

The demand estimates for different ornamental plants provide insights to policy makers who regulate and promote the ornamental plant markets. The foliage plants are found to be more price-responsive relative to annual and perennial plants. We also find that a majority of plants are expenditure-elastic, and that the expenditure elasticities for foliage products show great variability. […]

Building a Better Monarch Butterfly Waystation

The monarch butterfly is well known for its long distance annual migrations to and from overwintering sites in Mexico, a voyage reaching upwards of 2,000 miles. The journey north may take four or five generations, with the final generation making the long trek home. These long distance flights take a tremendous amount of energy and require […]

Creating Pollinator-Friendly Landscapes

Overview Pollinator-friendly landscapes are becoming more popular as more people become aware of the dangers pollinators face in their everyday settings. The research presented in this article comes from a three-year survey documenting bee visitations and assemblages in trees and shrubs in the Ohio River Valley region. It focuses on woody ornamental plants because of […]

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Bee Health in the Horticultural Industry

Overview It is not fully understood how systemic insecticides travel from the area of treatment to nectar and pollen in plants. It is also unknown how long insecticidal residues remain in plants and at what concentrations. The Horticultural Research Institute started research to answer those questions and created the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Bee […]