Bernadette Mach
Department of Entomology, The University of Kentucky

Daniel Potter
Department of Entomology, The University of Kentucky

Research by Protecting Bees team.


Honey bee approaching flower on a woody plantVarious groups have published bee-friendly plant lists, but these lists often lack experimental data and rarely emphasize woody plants (flowering trees and shrubs)—a major component of urban landscapes.

Dr. Mach and Dr. Potter set out to document which woody plants attracted bees in urban areas, and after countless hours of field work they published their results in a scientific journal.

After working with the the American Phytopathology Society’s Plant Management Network, however, they have also created a learning module around this project. In the learning module they provide a study guide that breaks down their research, a mini webcast, a full webcast that is also available as a podcast, and additional resources. In the webcast Dr. Potter details their research work, the woody plants that attract diverse bee visitors, and he provides tips on building a bee-friendly landscape.

Link to study guide, podcast, webcast, presentation slides