*Research Published*: Honey Bee-Attractiveness of Ornamental Nursery Plant Genera

Rosa Syringa Spiraea In January 2020, Nature Research Journal published a scientific report from Sponsler et al. that highlights the importance of pollinator-friendly woody plant genera.  In managed greenspaces, it is often assumed that pollinator communities are supported by a variety of ornamental horticulture. However, Sponsler and our pollinator team members know that many ornamental [...]

*Research Published*: Results from Pollen Analysis

Pollen pellets, sorted by color for pesticide residue testing. Dr. Kim Stoner and her team have published pesticide residue results from their pollen analysis work. To understand which ornamental horticulture plants bees were visiting, the team had set out honey bee hives in the middle of environmental horticulture plant nurseries. The honey bees would leave [...]

Pollen Pellet Collection Has Begun

Our researchers have begun to collect pollen pellets from honey bees. A pollen pellet is a clump of pollen grains resulting from a bee’s travels through flowers. As a honey bee visits each flower, she collects pollen grains, mixes them with a little nectar, and packs them onto her hind leg, forming the pellet. Arrow [...]