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Beekeeper tending to hives

We are group of scientists that focus on insect pollinators, pest management, and market dynamics. We present our research results to help homeowners, beekeepers, growers and landscapers make the best choices for choosing plants and any needed pest management.

Our project includes pollinator attractiveness in ornamental plants, residue dynamics, economics and consumer preferences. From this research, we are developing Best Management Practices for protecting bees in ornamental horticulture.

What are pollinators?

To develop fruit and seeds, most plants need pollen to move from one flower to another. This is called pollination.

Pollination happens with wind or air currents, with rain, and with insects (such as bees) and animals (such as bats). These insects and animals are called pollinators.

Research Project Details

Objective 1
Pollinator Attractive Nursery & Greenhouse Plants

Objective 2
Pollen & Nectar Residue Dynamics

Objective 3
Economic, Efficacy, Toxicology Comparisons of Alt Management Practices

Objective 4
Assessment of Plant Labeling for Pollinator Protection

Objective 5
Develop Best Management Practice